Centrífugas & Decanter

We are a company dedicated to the purchase and sale of industrial food machinery, second-hand or used, mainly any type of centrifuge, decanters and homogenizers.

CENTRIFUGAS & DECANTER, is a subsidiary of the group MAQUINARIA AGUILAR specialists in the sale of feeding machinery used.

Our main activity is the sale of centrifuges, decanters and homogenisers. All this machinery is sold fully rebuilt with a one-year guarantee, just as the start up and maintenance Service.

Our prices are the most affordable on the market with the maximum guarantee, since we have a great infrastructure and a highly experienced human team

The only company in Spain with balancing machines for vertical centrifuge drums and decanter drum and screw.

Our main job markets are companies dedicated to the production of wines, juices, dairy products and oil, as well as companies dedicated to wastewater and fats treatment.

Currently, CENTRIFUGAS Y DECANTER is positioned among the top 10 in the world, with 3,000 m2 of permanent exhibition and workshop.

MACHINERY AGUILAR can supply you with any other used equipment that it is necessary for your process lines.